"400 years of Smolensk Fortress" Award

"400 years of Smolensk Fortress" Award has been instituted in honor of Smolensk Fortress 400-th anniversary.

The Award is given for QSO/SWL with radiostation from Smolensk and Smolensk oblast (R3L*, RA3-RZ3L*, U3L*, UA3L*, UE3L*).

QSO/SWL are valid since January 1st. 1996 on any bands (including WARC) by any kind of modes.

Repeated QSO/SWL on differebt bands and by any modes on same band are valid.

For obtaining the Award applicants need to have:

  • from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia 20 QSO/SWL;
  • European stations -10 QSO/SWL;
  • DX-stations 3 QSO/SWL;
  • 1 (one) QSO/SWL with memorial radiostation R300SM;
  • QSO/SWL with radiohams-veterans of the Great Patriotic War and radiostations with special calls - RP3L*, UE3L*, R200MIG, R50MG, R41WP, RK1G are valid as 5 (five) QSO/SWL.
  • Note:

  • Radiohams working only on one band - 1.8 MHz or 28 MHz, or working only CW need to have twice as little QSO/SWL.
  • Radiohams working only on VHF-bands (144 MHz and higher) or only RTTY need to have only 2 QSO/SWL.
  • The award fee is $5 or 6 IRC.

    The application for diploma is based on the extract from log and certified by signatures of two licensed radiohams. Award application and paymet for the award should be send by post to: Ivanov Vladimir Georgievich, P.O.Box 350, Glavpochtamt, Smolensk, 214000, Russia
    or by E-mail: rv3lz@mail.ru

    "400 years of Smolensk Fortress" Award

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