"Slovakian Castles" Award

"Slovak Castles" Award is issued by radioclub Stupava OM3KFY to all licensed amateurs and SWLs for contact with OM hams from 25 localities of occurrence middle-aged Slovak burgs, castles, forts and other fortification objects. Each locality has reference number. Actual locality list (Oct 2005) has 294 places. Award manager can make modifications in locality list.

All contacts after 1st January 1993 on all amateur bands and modes (excepting contacts via repeaters) are valid. QSLs are not required !!! SWLs can obtain this award under the same rules.

Basic Award for 25 localities.

Stickers for 50,75,100,110,120,...,180,190 localities.

Plaque for 200 localities.

Stickers on plaque for 210,220,...,280,290 localities.

Honor Roll plaque for 300 localities.

        Basic Award – 10 IRC or 10 € or 10 $;
        Sticker – 2 IRC or 2 € or 2 $;
        Plaque – 20 IRC, or 20 € or 20 $;
        Honor Roll plaque – 30 IRC, or 30 € or 30 $.

Locality list can be obtained from the award manager upon request, accompanied by a SAE + IRC or can be write to e-mail adress: branislav.daras@minv.sk

Applications (log extracts with these data: reference number, call, date, band, mode) signed by two hams and fee send to Award manager OM2FY, Branislav DARAS, P.O.Box 6, SK-820 08 BRATISLAVA 28, SLOVAKIA.

"Slovakian Castles" Award

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